Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home again , home again jiggity jig!

  So it's been a while since my last post. I'm sorry. I got caught in the storm last week and didn't make it home in time to post.
  But hey, we had a good week at the market on Sunday and I was thus able to have some home heating oil delivered. YAY for not freezing!

  I am currently working on MY holiday gift baking as well as preping for the Market. I will try to figure out this digital camera and take some photos as I go. I have a bunch of interesting requests from friends and family this year, including a flourless chocolate torte, chocolate pudding pie with merangue, hazlenut yule log and an assortment of our old favorites like super chocolate cookies, butterscotch cookies, good ol' chocolate chip cookies in somewhat smaller sizes than you usually see at Market.

With this much chocolate being thrown around, this Christmas isn't going to be cheap!

  I'm also testing out a new soft and fluffy dinner roll recipe this week. Yes Pam, cotton candy rolls.

  I'll try to keep everyone posted as things come out of the oven.

p.s. I love my new rubber gloves.


  1. Oh the cotton candy rolls sound yummy!! Will these be at the market too soon? Abbie's mommy

  2. Absolutely!

    As soon as they pass the vigorous testing and examination process aka: "Pam and her spreadablutter"