Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crazy Holiday Season Winding Down...

Ok, i know i've been really lax in updating the blog over the holidays. I'm sorry.

  We're going to the Sackville market this Sunday and hope to see you there! We'll have the usual stuff this week; chili, sandwiches, bread pudding, and a few types of cookies. We're keeping it minimal for now as we don't know what sort of demand there will be in the new year.

  In other news.
  • My computer has been barfy lately and has greatly diminished the joy i get from updating this blog. So i'll keep it short for now and hope for a new CPU in my future.
  • I'm taking belly dancing classes!Oriana from Sister Lotus has been kind enough to trade belly for belly and classes start on the 11th of January! Go check out her site:
  • I am currently in talks with the Wolfville Farmer's Market!I'm looking to start a bi-weekly trial to see what sort of response get from the locals. More news to follow.

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