Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy little "B"

Things are hectic lately and i apologize for the lack of updates. 
Work is chewing up a lot of my time and a LOT of my thought space in my "free" time.
we are still making time to do the market(s) each week with fresh new products for all our fans, new and old, to try. 
I think my boss may think i'm crazy. When he asked me if i had any plans for the weekend and i responded that 
i had some baking to do.....
well....he just laughed. It's obsessive really. 
But things are moving along at a steady they usually do what with the whole 
"civilization developing methods of measuring time" thing. 
Crazy whot. 

  AnYwHo... We will be at both the Wolfville Farmer's Market and the Sackville Flea Market this weekend and any of you food industry folks out there may run into me at the APEX FOOD SHOW in Halifax. 
I'll be the stunning redhead with the perpetual light dusting of flour.


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