Friday, November 13, 2009

Brand New Bouncin' Baby Blog!

So here we are, at my brand spankin' new blog.

I am a Baker. Period. To the core. I am very serious about baking. I am very silly about baking. It's what I do.

I bake for other people during the week and bake for myself on the weekend. The result of this vocational vacation usually ends up being offered up at the flea market for your enjoyment. I bring my treats to the market in order to get FEEDBACK. I feed you, you feed me. Fair is fair.

I bake using only REAL ingredients.

REAL butter
REAL cream
REAL eggs
REAL sugar

You get the idea...

And I make sure that the stuff I buy is the stuff I would want to eat. I import different chocolates and vanillas that are not available here, but don't get me wrong, I love to use local products whenever possible. I try new things. I experiment a LOT! When I use a recipe, I always change something. (Usually several things by the time I get it just right.)

Oh, and I don't use any preservatives either.

I decided to start this blog at the request of some of my regular customers at the flea market who would like to know what products I am bringing to market in advance. This will be a place to find up-to-date lists of this week's treats, yummy photos of of past, present and future goodies as well as a place to make requests, order in advance and even comment on the delectable delights that followed you home. ( IF they even made it to the car before being devoured. If they didn't, I still wanna hear about it.)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...
I have RED hair.

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